ETSF & ITSF Application

Temporary Storage facilities are available to freight forwarders, warehouse keepers, ports and transport companies. They must be located at a port or airport, or connected to one via a CSP inventory system such as Destin8, CNS, Pentant or CCS-UK. 

There are two types of temporary storage facility;

ITSF: Internal Temporary Storage Facility 

Located within a customs controlled area at the frontier (usually held by ports, airports & warehouse keepers located at ports). An ITSF-R is also available for locations just outside the customs controlled area. 

ETSF: External Temporary Storage Facility 

Located outside a customs controlled area (usually held by freight forwarders, transport companies & warehouse keepers located outside ports). Personal Effects Approved Depositories need to migrate to a full ETSF authorisation by 2019. 

Temporary Storage Facilities are authorised by the National Frontier Approvals Unit which is a division of UK Border Force. 

Application Support

We can assist in the preparation of the application including recommendations about which CSP would be the best fit, ensure your site meets security requirements, ensure you have compliant procedures established for ongoing management & help with application completion.