EORI Number

Obtain an EORI number before you start exporting to avoid export clearance delays. It will usually be your VAT number with three additional numbers at the end

Export Documentation

Ensure your export documentation contains sufficient information for UK and destination customs authorities

Export Entry

An export entry consists of a SAD, X2 and a departure confirmation, S8. You must provide the agent with sufficient detail to complete it

Export Controls

Export controls can be linked to products, countries or individuals. Stay on the right side of the law by ensuring you do not need a licence before you export

Registered Exporter

In order to provide overseas clients with proof of UK origin, you may need to register on the Registered Exporter (REX) system 


Depending on the country of destination you may also need to obtain a certificate of origin, preference or conformance 

For further support and advice drop us a line. You may also wish to consider  attending an Institute of Export and International Trade 'introduction to exporting' course