About Us


Knowledge & Experience

Founded by Holly Tonge in 2018 following a successful career in international trade consultancy,  Brightfinch aims to deliver a refreshing approach to businesses looking for assistance with customs. 

Our small consultancy firm is supported by a wide network of associates in order to find the best solutions for your business. 

We offer an initial free telephone consultation to ensure we are in a position to assist your business. 


Carbon Neutral

We believe in the importance of environmental conservation, and are committed to recording and offsetting all carbon emissions. 



“Brightfinch’s experience and guidance was instrumental in helping us prepare for an upcoming customs audit. 

We also took the opportunity to undertake some in-house training with Brightfinch, thus equipping our team with the knowledge required to manage our customs compliance more effectively.”

Kenneth McCartney, Managing Director


“We utilised the services of Brightfinch in order to gain AEO status. Brightfinch assisted in the completion of the application, the preparation stage and were present during the audit, ensuring the project went as smoothly and resulted in successful accreditation. 

We would highly recommend Brightfinch to any business looking for international trade and customs application support”

Mark Gravatt, Finance & IT Director


"We used Brightfinch for our ETSF application. 

The process & help received from Holly was easy & invaluable. Would highly recommend them"

Bruno Bertoncini, Manager

Industry Associations